Giant Jenga is one of my favorite games for outdoor events, especially during the summer. In the summer, a relative of mine asked me to bring my Giant Jenga set to her wedding where it quickly became very popular among all the wedding guests. It’s a great game that brings people together and encourages socializing and drinking. Giant Jenga is basically the same as regular Jenga, just giant!

giant jenga set

Material List:

Here are the supplies and tools you will need to make your very own set.

  • 2″ x 4″ x 8′ pine lumber – 6 total
  • Saw (miter, circular, or hand saw)
  • Sander (random orbital sander or sand paper & elbow grease)

I went with 2×4’s of pine because that is the cheapest option. Overall it only cost me around $20. Feel free to use any type of lumber you like. The only required tools for this job would be a saw and an electric sander. You could sand by hand with sand paper but it would be labor intensive. I used my miter saw and random orbital sander.


Follow the simple steps below and you’ll have your own Giant Jenga set in no time.

  1. Measure a 10.5″ segment on one of your 2×4’s. Make the cut, repeat. In total you will need 54 Jenga pieces, each measuring 10.5 inches in length.
  2. Sand each piece so that it is smooth. A random orbital sander will really speed up this process.

That’s it! Talk about an easy woodworking project. Time to start playing Jenga!

Some people take Giant Jenga to the next step and turn it into a drinking game! If you want to learn how to play head on over to Drinking and Stuff to learn the rules.

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